The war-proven High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, also known as the HMMWV, Humvee, or civilian Hummer H1 one of the greatest foundations you could ever have for a vehicle. With such a foundation, Mil-Spec Automotive of Detroit, Michigan has created what they believe is the perfect truck.
Mil-Spec Automotive (MSA) first started out as a small company with a goal to create the perfect truck, with work being done by a small team of Hummer specialists. During their design phase, MSA ensured that the overall appearance of the Hummer H1 was not altered, as it's such an iconic design that deserves to be seen. However, small changes were made to enhance the overall appearance without disregarding the iconic appearance. Inside, MSA did do away with the outdated interior and replaced it with a new cabin that brings the H1 into the modern era in a stylish fashion. [one-third-first]
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[/one-third] After prototypes were created, MSA combined all efforts in order to finalize their production Launch Edition vehicle. The exterior and interior have been brought into the modern era of the automobile without compromising the Hummer DNA we all know and love. Each of these vehicles is to be built by a 12 person team that is separated into groups that are specialized in certain aspects of the production process. By creating these specific teams, no detail is overlooked and each builder knows their section like the back of their hand. The result is The Launch Edition, a re-envisioned AM General Hummer H1 that's fit for any garage or even car collection. [one-half-first]
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[/one-half] MSA is currently offering The Launch Edition with a starting price of $218,499. When ordering one of these vehicles, there are many choices offered, including the following cab configurations:
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