American sedans are facing a change in the market. Families want SUVs and Crossovers because they are practical, but only a few are actually appealing to the eye. The Cadillac XT5 arrived in 2016 to replace the aged SRX. It is built alongside its corporate cousin, the GMC Acadia in Spring Hill Tennessee. This factory was once the home of Saturn, so it goes without saying that the fine people of UAW Local 1853 know how to build quality cars.
We spent a week with a new XT5 to see how it compares to its predecessor since one of our coworkers has one of the last examples of the SRX. First off, horsepower comes from the smooth, direct-injected 3.6 liter V6. Yes, it is the same V6 found in everything from the Camaro to the Colorado. But you can't deny 310 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque.
This power can be had in a front wheel drive only model, but ours had All Wheel Drive. Yes, we are in Florida, so why would someone need to sacrifice fuel mileage for traction? Cadillac's latest AWD system can completely divorce the rear wheels thanks to a twin-clutch system at the differential. It is more like a traditional 4WD system while offering the economy of FWD. When engaged, the system can send 100% of power to the rear for peppy launches and minimal understeer in the corners.
We go through many "luxury" cars and crossovers that are powered by 4 cylinder engines. This is an oxymoron. No matter how well the engine is built, they are unbalanced. Nobody wants to feel like they are driving around on a paint mixer, which is why the XT5 has incredible insulation. The V6 is a smooth operator, and the latest in magnetic suspension adjusts the shocks every 2 milliseconds. This one system alone is worth the starting price of $38,500. Cadillac introduced the world to MagneRide in 2002 on the Deville, and you won't believe how it tunes out any road imperfections.
It is a Caddy, so expect to find real wood trim, heated & ventilated seats, 14-speaker Bose audio, and a panoramic sunroof. Airbags are hidden everywhere, and the collision avoidance includes 360* camera, automatic braking, cross traffic alert, and lane keeping assist. With the seats folded, you will have 63 cubic-feet of cargo space, no wonder Mary Kay uses them to reward their managers. One drawback is that short owners might not like the relatively high load floor, but it earns top honors in rear impact safety from the IIHS. If you don't want or need a full-size SUV, the XT5 might have your name on it. Click on the link below and stay with us for more insightful reviews.

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