Many of us will never have an opportunity to see the new McLaren Senna in person, but we are thankful that their video crew allows us to see it in action. The car speaks for itself as a fitting tribute to the best racer in modern history. Bruno Senna learned a thing or two watching his uncle Ayrton dominate the toughest tracks in Formula 1. He is also a talented driver in his own right, so there is no other logical person to show just how capable the new McLaren Supercar really is.

2018 McLaren Senna Specs, Price, Photos & Review

A few things we didn't know is that it has solid motor mounts. At these power and performance levels, you don't want the engine block to move a millimeter. Plus, who wouldn't want to feel and hear that beast 24/7. It is also the first time we have seen the massive rear spoiler in airbrake mode. Hitting the left pedal has to be rewarding given that much stopping power. Tell us if you would choose this or the 720S in the comments below, and stay with us for all your McLaren updates.

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