Mark Webber is not only an accomplished ex-Formula One driver but also a Porsche brand ambassador. With both of those titles, Webber is regularly taken to task for test driving Porsche's latest cars.

Maria Sharapova & Mark Webber Test the Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Recently, Porsche had him test their upcoming all-electric Mission E. This new car is 100% electric and is the first fully-electric modern Porsche model. Power being produced by the electric drivetrain is rated at over 600 hp, resulting in a 0-62 mph time of 3.5 seconds. While that may be a bit slower than the Tesla Model S, one of its assumed competitors, there will surely be more performance-oriented models in the future. So, what did Webber think of the car? According to the video below, he enjoyed it. Here's an excerpt of what he had to say: "I’m a bit of an old-school kind of guy and I love nothing more than to drive so I don’t mind admitting I had some reservations. I thought that the Mission E could feel a little heavy but the driving experience is seriously dynamic: the four-wheel steering, the performance and the braking ability were a really amazing experience. I’ve driven lots of cars over the years that I’ve fallen for but the Mission E really stands out. I’m looking forward to driving it a lot more in the future." See his full test drive in the video below. Also, the Mission E looks pretty great in all-black!