In many racing classes, the competitors drive cars that only resemble the street-legal cars they represent. But Porsche chose to build the GT3 R race car from their potent GT3 RS. We covered the new GT3 R when it was unveiled, and you will be shocked at how close these two cars really are.

Porsche Unveils 911 GT3 R For Flat-Six Friday

More carbon fiber, less weight, and a bump in horsepower. Without having to deal with exhaust laws or emissions standards, the 4.0-liter flat-six was treated to monster camshafts and aggressive timing. For this week's Flat Six Friday, Porsche uploaded a wild YouTube clip the of GT3 R in action. You will have 550 horsepower and almost 32 gallons of fuel. Who needs a Blankpunt stereo when you have the symphony of sequential shifting? If you don't live at the track every weekend, check out our inventory of GT3 RS for sale and have a great weekend!

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