Seven decades building the world's most iconic cars is a cause for celebration. So Ferrari's Tailor Made program joined forces with Centro Stile (styling headquarters) to build 70 unique anniversary cars. Each model is inspired by famous Ferraris of the past, and no two-anniversary models have anything in common, aside from the 2017 model year. Today, we are showcasing a 70th Anniversary F12berlinetta model that's for sale by Ferrari of Houston, livery #20. & In order to even be eligible to order these masterpieces, you need to have a collection worthy of Maranello's attention. The owner of this Ferrari also has an F430 Scuderia 16M, F40, and 512bbi in pristine condition, all of which were purchased through Ferrari of Houston. [soliloquy id="131780"] Ferrari of Houston has been one of our biggest supporters and clients since they opened their doors and their location in The Woodlands will take your breath away. We like the fact they find and sell the rarest and most highly optioned Ferraris like this very 2017 F12berlinetta. [soliloquy id="131792"] It's #20 of the 70 different anniversary cars, and it's unlike anything we've seen. Since each car was inspired by significant cars of the past, this example was built as a tribute to the 1957 250 Testa Rossa. Testa Rossa literally translates to "Red Head" and rumor has it, Enzo chose the name after an encounter with a feisty female. When the FIA imposed a 3-liter limit on race cars, the 250 used a small straight six to win the manufacturer's championship in 1958. This is the only anniversary car we've seen for sale, so if you need to complete your collection, click the link below for all the details.

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