To celebrate Dr. Wolfgang Porsche's 75th birthday, the team at Porsche asked him to show off his five favorite cars within his collection. Being the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche Sr., the man behind the founding of Porsche and Volkswagen, Dr. Wolfgang Porsche has been surrounded by fine automobiles since he was born 75 years ago. With his knowledge, he knows just what an excellent car is. So, it makes sense that the latest "Porsche Top 5" video delves into his collection and what he considers his five favorite cars.

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In the video found below, you'll see that his cars range from the classics to the latest Porsche models. During the video, he quotes his father as saying, "The newest car is always the best." He then goes on to say his father would question his choices when adding an old car to his collection because "the newer one is always the better one." That statement rings true when you compare the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid to a classic 356. Sure, the 356 is iconic and gorgeous, but it's technology and abilities are nowhere near that of the new hybrid model. See what he picked as his five favorite Porsches in the video below.