Glenn Curtis was a pioneer of early aviation, and his planes formed the backbone of the Army's Air Corps. But before his business literally took off, he was the fastest person on two wheels. He invented the v-twin motorcycle engine in 1903, and that is why Curtiss Motorcycles is honoring him with their Zeus concept. It is their first concept to wear the Curtiss name, as Confederate chose to retire their brand name. Many of the engineers and machinists are the same folks who built the P51 Combat Fighter and the Hellcat. Invoking the name of Zeus might offend your pagan sensibilities, but the Greek god of thunder and lightning seems appropriate for this high-voltage bike. [soliloquy id="131673"] Glenn Curtis built the world's first V8 motorcycle, and it went 136 mph on the sands of Ormond Beach. So Curtis Motorcycles has dropped a full-size 3-phase AC motor into a chassis of 6061 aerospace aluminum. The drive ratio of the front to rear sprockets will give you an idea of the power they are dealing with. It is rated at 290 lb-ft of torque and 170 horsepower, which will be impressive when channeled to one tire. That is more than some exotic cars for sale, so stay with us for all your Curtiss Motorcycle updates.

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