Before winter retreats from the Northern Hemisphere, the Chicago Auto Show is happening next week. If you are worried about how your car will handle the next Snowpocalypse, Nissan has a unique solution. The 370Zki started life as a regular production 2018 model. They are powered by the latest VQ series 3.7 liter V6. It makes 332 horsepower and 276 lb-ft of torque.

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To make sure that power was reaching the powder, Nissan turned to American Track Truck. Their 15" wide rear tracks are coupled to giant skis on the front hubs. To fit the DOMINATOR tracks, a 3" lift was needed at all corners. The rear wheel wells were "modified" to allow the independent axles to retain their travel, because of comfortability.... The press release didn't say how long it took to build, but it had some wild photos of icy escapades in northern latitudes. [soliloquy id="126646"] Not just for show, VP of Product Planning Michael Bunce said: "The Nissan 370Zki continues our recent tradition of bringing imaginative winter vehicle concepts to the Chicago Auto Show. With the Nissan Z's long heritage of motorsports competition, the 370Zki seemed like a natural combination. Prior to its debut here in Chicago, we put the 370Zki through its paces on the slopes in Wyoming where its performance heritage really came through."

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Here in Florida, where the occasional 4WD Camaro is not uncommon, we applaud Nissan's support of their most popular sports car in any environment. "Nissan's full range of winter adventure-ready vehicles will be on display throughout the Chicago Auto Show, from our best-selling Rogue AWD to the powerful TITAN 4x4 and TITAN XD 4x4 lineups," said Bunce. It's also fun to shake things up with something totally unexpected once in a while – and that's the Nissan 370Zki." Stay with us for more news from the Chicago auto show here on Autofluence.

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