Our friends at Road & Track have found the loudest Ferrari Enzo in the world. Every production car comes with catalytic converters and mufflers to keep everyone around you from going deaf. But if you live somewhere they aren't required, straight pipes are a great way to add power.

Why You Should Buy A Ferrari Enzo

This doesn't apply to 4 or 6 cylinder engines, as they need a bit of backpressure to create torque at low rpm. If you happen to own a V12-powered Ferrari, we say go for it. The good people at Road & Track stumbled across this video on YouTube, and we offer fair warning that the audio is intense. Who in their right might would straight-pipe a Ferrari? Well, I would, and I am sure a few other hearing impaired gearheads would also. So fire up your audio system after work and annoy everyone with a Scuderia Shield Symphony.

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