If you are a successful entrepreneur, you deserve the finer things in life. If your collection of supercars needs a new centerpiece, the Aston Martin Valkyrie is a fine choice. But for one discerning collector, he wanted something out of this world.

Delivery of Kris Singh’s New Pagani Huayra BC Macchina Volante

Our friend Kris Singh is an avid collector of supercars. His recent visit to Aston Martin included a meeting with Miles Nurnbergertheir Design Chief. Wednesday was the first Super Moon of 2018, so naturally, their lunar conversation involved the design of the Valkyrie. Being that it would be amazing with Earth in the background, Kris had an idea. Aston Martin is no stranger to metallic paints, but instead of metal flake, Chris will be providing moon dust.

Lamborghini Veneno Delivered to U.S.

The brave Apollo astronauts risked it all to bring back samples of the lunar surface to help advance scientific causes. Even if you are naive enough to believe it was a hoax, moon rocks occasionally fall to earth as meteorites. The moon is a punching bag for asteroids, and it the scars on its surface are proof that it protects us from the big hits. Often times it gets a brutal beating that is hard enough to spray us with debris. Moon meteors are rare, so that makes them incredibly expensive. Wednesday's Super Moon had tinges of crimson, so Kris named the color Karosserie Lunar Red. The brilliant finish will have polished crystals of feldspar, which makes up much of the moon's surface. It will also ensure the Valkyrie will be the only one of its kind, and it will probably sell for a stellar price one day. This seems like a much better idea than sending a Tesla Roadster to Mars, so as soon as we have updates, you will see them here first. Have a great weekend everyone.

Aston Martin For Sale

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! My visit to Aston Martin was very inspiring. A few weeks ago @milesnurnberger had commented to me that a spec we were discussing reminded him of a Space Ship. I immediately responded, “The Valkyrie makes a Space Ship look like a Car!” ?? That got me thinking... How do I raise the bar of my spec to be worthy of Valkyrie level? ? If ever there was a machine that could grip the ground and rip around the craters of the Moon like it’s on rails, it would be the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Unfortunately, science won’t allow me to be the first person to drive on the Moon (gravity is still an issue, they say), but nothing is stopping me from bringing the Moon to my Valkyrie!! ? I have sourced, gotten proper verification, and purchased an actual Rock from the Moon which will be ground to dust and used as a key ingredient in Karosserie Lunar Red which will be the color of my Aston Martin Valkyrie. This will be the first car ever to feature a paint formula that includes actual ingredients from #SPACE !!! Thank You to everyone at @astonmartinlagonda, @redbullracing and Karosserie in Wayne, PA. More renderings will be released in the coming weeks and months. We will also document and share some of the process of making actual Moon Rock part of this very special color being developed exclusively for the most special car of my lifetime: The Aston Martin Valkyrie. ??? Thanks to ?@marcovanoverbeeke? for helping refine my spec and providing me with renderings and thanks to ?@capitolsunset? for setting the mood of the image on the Moon. More to come!! #ToTheMoonAndBack #? ??? ______________________________________________________ #AstonMartin #Valkyrie #AstonMartinValkyrie #Moon #MoonRock #KarosserieLunarRed #KrisSingh #Red #BloodRedMoon #ToTheMoonAndBack #ComingSoon #2019 #RaiseTheBar #NASA #RedBull #RedBullRacing #AdrianNewey #MarekReichman #MilesNurnberger #AndyPalmer #AstonMartinRules #GameChanger #LunarRed #F1 #Redhead #RedWillNeverBeTheSame #TheRedOfAllReds #BLESSED ______________________________________________________ PS - No information or details regarding my source, purchase price, weight of the Moon Rock, or other, will be shared.

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