Who would have thought anything from 1980 would be collectible? Except for our friend Magnus Walker, who has a knack for finding rare Porsches. Petrolicious stopped by his LA warehouse to check out a 924 Carrera GT. Yes, the original Carrera GT name was bestowed on the 924 Turbo. Only 406 examples were built, mainly to homologate the Group 4 race team. Just in time for Transaxle Thursday, the 5-speed gearbox was mounted out back and connected to the clutch by a torque tube. The 4 cylinder engine was boosted with a larger turbo and intercooler to make 210 horsepower. To put that into perspective, the 1980 Corvette only made 190 hp. Since Mr. Walker knows more about Porsches than most enthusiasts, allow him to shed some light on the unloved 924 and click the link below to find one for yourself.

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