Life happens, and sometimes it forces car enthusiasts to put their collections aside. Time moves on, and even the most coveted classics are abandoned. Barn Find Hunter is a YouTube Series that scours the country looking for lost exotics. Going by local rumors and hearsay, they discovered a treasure trove hidden in the hills of North Carolina.

In a garage slated to be demolished, a friend of the owner informs them it hasn't been opened since 1991. Inside they find a Triumph TR6 next to a V8-powered Morgan. These are rare, but they don't compare to an original 427 Shelby Cobra. It might look identical to the 289 versions, but we learn Mr. Shelby scaled up the design by using 4" chassis tubing instead of 3". This was done to handle the weight of the big block engine, which is actually a 428. That is a story for another day, and we're sure we'll see this 19,000-mile Cobra again.

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The star of this collection was the silver Ferrari, covered in years of dust and mouse poo. The 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/2 was ordered with the single overhead cam engine, which was less expensive and easier to maintain than the race-spec GTB/4, which sported dual overhead cams. Ordered with blue vinyl instead of leather, it also sports alloy wheels instead of the optional Borrani wires. A glimpse of the odometer is breathtaking, as this 50-year-old car has only been driven 13,000 miles. The hottest trend in the auction world is to sell cars like this as-is, the dirtier the better. Tell us about your barn find stories in the comments below and stay with us for more great exotic cars for sale.

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Originally Published on January 30,2018