Have you ever been to a museum and felt like you needed to own at least one work of art? What separates O'Gara Coach from the finest collections is that everything is for sale. Their inventory includes the latest from Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and even Bugatti. But if you long for something classic and air-cooled, their 911 collection will knock your socks off. We picked four of the most outstanding Porsches in stock, so tell us your favorite in the comments below.

1987 RUF BTR

[soliloquy id="131326"] This black menace is a real RUF BTR. It stands for Group B Turbo RUF and it was built to compete in Group B events. The massive turbo delivers 350 lb-ft of torque and 375 horsepower. It has impressive performance even compared to modern examples with a 0-60 time of 4.7 seconds and the quarter mile in 13.3.

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1977 Mexico Blue 911 Turbo

[soliloquy id="131344"] This classic 911 Turbo was built with only the best parts; starting with $40,000 in engine work alone. It has a full-on no expense spared suspension (torsion bar) as to be period correct. A 100% rebuilt tranny with new gearing and Guard differential. At 7000 RPM/redline its maxed out at 132mph. Its short geared and a blast from 30 to 130 mph, not tall geared like the stock 930’s. The goal with this car was to build an early turbo hot rod, sort of how someone would have in the late 70s. The CIS system was rebuilt along with a KKK turbo. Weight reduction was a priority, and without seats and fiberglass front and rear bumpers it weighs 2154 lbs. The bulletproofed transmission has close ratios with a stock 1st gear, short 2nd, short 3rd and the new 4th is the old 3rd. This car will not be doing any long trips up the highway, wanted a back road hot rod which will scoot between 30mph and 120mph. This also means it will not fall off of boost between shifts. The engine block is shuffle pinned, Chambone crank 70.4, but is about 6lbs lighter than stock, Pauter Rods, LN cylinders, keeping it a 3.0, JE FSR Pistons at a true 7:65:1 , GT3 oil pump Xtreame ported & polished the heads, 38mm intake & Exh, Ti retainers, etc, 38mm injector blocks, K-27/29 turbo, Twin Plugged, 993 SS Cams, Turbo Craft intercooler, modded fuel head, warm up regulator, larger injectors. Using two 044 fuel pumps and it is running WM injection for safety. Another goal was to have a more rev happy turbo motor with boost (and fuel) to 7K. It makes 366 lb-ft of torque and 435 horsepower at the wheels. Given the short gears and 2300 lbs equals a scary-fast 911 Turbo!

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1973 Royal Purple 911 RSR Clone

[soliloquy id="131358"] Complete coil suspension, big red turbo brakes, Motor extreme Porsche racing heads ($14k), Titanium rods, LN engineering cylinders, JE Pistons, 50 mm carburetors, Turbo fuel pump, Re-geared 915 transmission, Guard differential, Poly Motor mounts, GT3 RS oil pump, Quick ratio steering rack, Race pedals, Twin Master cylinder, Center fuel cell up front, Twin plugged  with DB distributor, 9k RPM motor with titanium internals.

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1971 Signal Orange Porsche 911

[soliloquy id="131374"] Where to begin… The inspiration for this build was a high-rpm track machine from the early 70’s. The 7R engine block is race-prepped, shuffle pinned and loaded with only the best components. It is a short stroke 2.7-liter that revs easily to 7,800 rpm.  The dyno was 268 hp to the wheels and the car is sub-2250 pounds and is geared right. From the shift linkage to the motor mounts, nothing was left to chance. Here is just a small list of the components used: -case parting halves machined flat and the main bearing saddles lined bored back to standard, case savers installed, spot face through bolt holes, cleaned oil galleries, KMW finished it off with machining for the GT-3 pump and oil mods. 66mm knife edged crank, oil mods, balanced and polished by Pauter. Pauter Rods,  LN Engineering Barrels (mooned), JE Pistons 10:5:1 – runs best with mixed race gas with pump 93 octane. DC-62 cams, 2.7 Heads Modded by Extreme with their TI retainers and springs, KMW uses this head on their 2.5 HSR race cars.  46 PMOs, JB Twin Plug Ignition, 901 Shop Headers, M&K muffler 2 in 2 out (modded by KMW), Carrera tensioners with jerry woods mod and Supertech tensioner arms. Supertech studs & pully. - Oil coolers in front fenders.  LW pressure plate and clutch, 915 transmission with short gears through 4th with a taller 5th, 8:31 R&P and Guard LSD.  Elephant Racing Street/Track 2 suspension with a set of Tarret sway bars. PMB supplied the early alloy front calipers and SC rears brakes.

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Tell us which one you would buy, and why in the comments below.