The Lamborghini Aventador and Ariel Atom are two incredibly different cars. One is an Italian supercar filled with luxury, while the other is a track-machine that puts the driver out in the elements. The differences between the two can go on for days and result in two cars that are just completely different. But, in the world of racing, it doesn't matter how much each car costs or how much leather is covering the seats. All that matters is speed.

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Rego Apps recently pit his Aventador up against an Ariel Atom that had been tuned up to 600 horsepower. He called it a race between "one of Lamborghini's fastest versus one of Ariel Atom's fastest." The race took place during a recent WannaGoFast event at the Jumbolair airport where the cars had a runway all to themselves. The result of the race was surprising to say that least, considering how close it really was. Check it out below by clicking play and leave a comment of which you'd rather race in the comments below.

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