It is nice to see manufacturers giving back to their customers. The M4 GTS has to be the most capable coupe in recent history. It has track-ready rubber and suspension, with limits that far surpass anything on public roads.

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That's why the M Division hired professional drivers to train twelve lucky owners at the Nordschleife, the old north section of the Nurburgring. First stop was BMW's M Test Center, located adjacent to the track in the city of Nürburg. Upon arrival, the center's M Mechanics transformed each car into Track Mode. This involves dialing in the most aggressive settings on the front and rear spoilers. [soliloquy id="125988"] To warm up laps were used to bring the oil and tires up to temperature. Once unleashed, drivers were shown the optimal lines for each section, giving them confidence in the abilities of their machines. BMW Driving Dynamics Engineer Jörg Weidinger won the day with a smashing 7.28.88. Faster than most race cars of only a few years ago, it is a testament to The Ultimate Driving Machines. The press release says these "Faszination Nordschleife” events will become an annual mecca for M owners, so if you want to join in on the fun click the button below and buy yourself an M4!

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