Start spreading the news, Porsche is leaving today! Well probably, since the 919 Hybrid and a Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid took a tour of the Big Apple yesterday. As part of the "919tribute", the victorious supercar took a tour of Manhattan. Obviously, the roads were closed, but the roads were closed for the filming, and the nostalgia evoked in this clip will make you smile. New York City was the first place many Germans landed in America, and so it was also the first place we could experience Porsches for sale. To kick off the tribute tour, they started downtown and then up through Central Park. Other famous scenes include the West Side Highway and the Brooklyn Bridge, so we wonder how fast the 919 could lap the island. Somewhere in the city is one of the original 48 Porsche 356 models that were built in Gmund, Austria. It would have been nice to see it along for the filming, but Mr. Seinfeld has a busy schedule. Where will the 919tribute head to next? Click the link below and stay with us for all your Porsche updates.

919 Tribute Tour