Since Lamborghini's founding back in 1963, they have created many different models that have been the subject of dreams and ambitions. Many can name the Aventador, Countach, Diablo, Huracan, LM002, Miura and Murcielago quickly, but there are a few models that are a bit more unknown than others.

Top 5 Lamborghini Concept Cars

Take the Jalpa, for example. This sports car was produced from 1981 to 1988, with a total of 410 examples being created. As appearances go, it looks like a smaller take on the Countach with a hint of a De Tomaso Pantera. Hagerty recently took a 1985 Jalpa out for a spin. Well, it was actually former racing driver and Audi Club of North America president Mike Fisher that took the car out for some laps. The sound of the V8 engine as Fisher slams through the gears is that of a naturally-aspirated dream. Hear it for yourself by clicking play below.