Are you looking for an affordable supercar? McLaren stunned the world with the new McLaren 570S for sale, the first example of their "Sports Series". Most enthusiasts were quick to label it as an entry-level car aimed at amateurs, but this couldn't be farther from the truth.

10. Light & Strong

All McLarens are built around a one-piece carbon fiber monocoque. The first example was named the MonoCell and it was the foundation for the 12C. Innovations to improve stiffness and lower the door sills resulted in MonoCell II for the 570S. The bare chassis is only 165 lbs! Another plus is the dihedral doors that make entry and egress better than most.

9. Little Brother?

Although it is their entry-level model, the 570S is actually longer and wider than the 650. Various optical illusions by the clever bodywork allow it to appear smaller than the Super Series cars.

8. Magnificent Mileage

The 570S was the first McLaren to use equal length exhaust headers. This change keeps costs down when compared to tuned length pipes used on the Super Series. By using more conventional parts and a curb weight of 3,100 lbs, our dealers have reported customers getting well over 20 miles per gallon.

7. Smart Technology

The first McLaren with Stop/Start technology also includes new software that should be standard on every car. It comes with a battery charger because McLaren knows you have a daily driver. It has a unique charging wave to keep the lithium-ion battery in perfect shape. I was in a hurry to move a 570S Spider at our duPont Registry Live event in Nashville last year. I unplugged the charger from the wall and laid it into the trunk while still plugged into the car. My attempts to move the car were in vain. If the car senses the charger is plugged into its port, the car will not shift out of park...This tiny line of software could be the difference between a dead battery or a car that runs over its owner.

McLaren 570S Races to 212 mph on the Autobahn

6. Traditional Suspension

The 12C launched with the most advanced suspension of any car. Also found under the 650 and 675, the PCC or positive chassis control replaces shocks and springs with high-pressure hydraulics just like an F1 car. No sway bars needed because the pressure from one corner is spread around the system instantly. For the 570 series, they knew buyers wanted a more traditional system. So the 570S has dual wishbones, coil springs, and magnetic shocks at each corner. Even with sway bars, it is comfy in touring mode and a grippy beast on the track. It feels more connected to the road than the upper level cars, which is fine by me.

5. Unique Body

In the old days, chassis were made of metal and bodies were composite. In the curious case of the 570S, the body panels are aluminum and the chassis is carbon fiber. This must have Corvette engineers scratching their heads because McLaren has turned the automotive world upside down. Aluminum panels are much easier to repair than the carbon ones found on the Super Series cars, and they are another way the cost savings were passed to the customer.

Complete Mclaren 570S Price & Specs

4. Dealer Network

One of the biggest concerns in purchasing an exotic is were to find a service department. The quality of the cars speaks for itself, which has prompted McLaren dealers to spring up across the nation. McLaren Automotive doesn't have ties to any other manufacturer, so many high-end dealers have added McLaren to their lineup. A quick glance at the world's best resource for exotic cars for sale will give you an idea of how popular they have become.

3. Aftermarket Intensity

McLaren's engineers think outside the box. Not only does it make for a reliable car, it has also sparked a fire in the aftermarket world. Out friends at Hypercar Development brought their triple-turbo 12C to our office and scared everyone in a 5-mile radius. The car is so intense that Michelin uses it to benchmark new rubber.

2. Race Proven Power

Every modern McLaren uses a 3.8-liter twin turbo, which was bored out to 4.0 for the new 720S. Instead of designing an engine from scratch, someone remembered Nissan's LeMans cars from the 90s. They were incredibly reliable and light, so McLaren redesigned it for street use and the rest is history.

1. No Comforts Compromised

If you want an exotic car that doesn't sacrifice creature comforts, the 570S has everything you need. The first McLaren with a vanity mirror also has American sized cup holders and a glove box. storage compartments in each door are perfect for small items, and they stay shut when the doors are raised.
These are just a few of the interesting facts about the McLaren 570S. Click on the link to find one near you, and you will not be disappointed! Stay with us for all your McLaren updates.

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