To celebrate the grand opening of their Composites Technology Center, McLaren christened the building with burning rubber. With one of Senna's F1 cars playing center stage, a new McLaren Senna made sure the concrete floor was ready for business. Located on the campus of the University of Sheffield, the CTC will be the new build center for the MonoCage and MonoCell. They are the one-piece composite bodies used in every McLaren, and this new workshop has been long overdue. As part of their Track 22 Plan, engineers need room to develop new parts and processes without interfering with the assembly line. It is a $62 Million dollar investment that will shave $12.5 Million of annual costs thanks to the new economies of scale. The car in action is the hottest McLaren to date. Loosely based on the 720S, the Senna is a fitting tribute to Ayrton. It offers 789 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque from a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8. Every ounce of non-essential weight was eliminated, even going as far as making the doors resemble swiss cheese. The demands of such a potent car were surpassed in their latest chassis: MonoCage III. It is the strongest Monocoque ever offered by McLaren, and it will be the basis for the next range of their Super Series cars. Only 500 examples will be produced, so if you don't need such a radical ride our dealers have a nice selection of 720S to choose from. Stay with us for all your McLaren updates. 

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