No matter how many Mopar fans are waiting in line, Dodge has confirmed the Demon will be done after Model Year 2018. Our friends at said Dodge chief Tim Kuniskis told fans on that they are sticking to the production total of only 3,300 cars.

Complete Dodge Demon Specs

The assembly line is still running so you might want to act fast if you have been considering one. It is such a specialized car, the $84,995 price tag probably doesn't cover all the unique parts and years of development it took to make it happen. Cars like these don't come along very often, and you can bet on their prices going wild once they are no longer available. You might think that 3,300 cars will keep the market somewhat stable, but consider they will fall into two categories: show queens and racers.

Dodge Demon vs Hellcat 1/4 Mile Shootout

Owners who choose to race their Demon and drive it on the street are another variable. Having 840 horsepower on the street is a recipe for twisted metal. It is simply a matter of time before someone gets too happy with the gas pedal. The cars that are raced will be modified because they can't even show up to an NHRA event without a roll cage and other hardware. So buying an unmolested example in the future will be an expensive proposition. Click the link below to get your order in, because the clock is ticking!

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