A corporate logo says a lot about the brand. While many automakers choose symbols that are self-explanatory, McLaren's accent has several plausible backgrounds. Carfection decided to feature them on their latest YouTube upload, so get ready for a neat story. A 570S Spider is a perfect way to tell the tale, so we hope he drove fast enough to keep the rain out. The first hypothesis is that Marlboro's trademark chevron has slowly evolved, along with the McLaren script. This makes sense because of the collaboration between McLaren's race cars and Phillip Morris tobacco. But something tells us this could be incorrect, due to the public's changing perception of big tobacco.

A Minute Of Noise For Bruce McLaren

Another possibility is the Kiwi bird. Bruce McLaren was a native of New Zealand, so every one of his cars had a reference to the Kiwi. Over time it evolved into the Speedy Kiwi, taking the form we know it now. Tell us your theory, and your favorite automotive emblem in the comments below and stay with us for more great Carfection films.

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