In the middle of the Irish Sea is the home to the world's fastest motorcycle race. Every year, the Isle of Man is transformed into a demanding race circuit. Although the action is based on two-wheel machines, Porsche decided to sneak-in some high-speed action.

Porsche Announces Experience Center @ Hockenheimring

The latest 911 GT3 RS was joined by its predecessors on the closed course. On an island with no speed limits, the latest Ducati Panigale V4S was being prepped for the race. Ducati is also part of VW Group, so collaboration between both brands is nice to see. The GT3 RS was equipped with the Weissach Package and pushed to its limits by Mark Higgins, the current automotive record holder for this event. Blasting through the mountains on roads plotted by Celts and Vikings is something everyone should have on their bucket list, so watch the footage below and click the link to find your new GT3 RS.

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