Think about the most breathtaking display you have ever seen an at an auto show, and get ready to be amazed. The Detroit auto show is almost upon us, which means manufacturers from around the world will be fighting your attention. Everyone knows the new G-Wagen will be a star of the show, so expect to see a few examples of its predecessors. It has been in production since 1979, known as the Geländewagen. It means cross-country wagon in English since it has 3 locking differentials with enough gear reduction to pull a building up a hill.

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When an automaker chooses to display historical versions, you can bet they have tight security around them. Instead of a guard or a velvet rope, Mercedes-Benz chose another method to protect one of the first examples. The 1979 G Wagon heading to Detroit has been permanently cast into 44 tons of amber. Instead of using natural resources, a synthetic resin was poured around the vehicle and allowed to harden. This monolith measures 18' long by 10' high, and it took 90 days to cool. [soliloquy id="125579"] The logistics of transporting something like this make us wonder what will happen to it after the show. Perhaps the fossilized 4x4 will be found in the distant future, and its DNA will be used to clone a new generation of rugged luxury SUVs. Stay with us for a review of the new G-Class along with complete coverage of the Detroit Auto Show.

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