Some people buy cars as daily drivers, and people like us keep our nice rides for the weekend. Such is the case with this pristine 2013 M5. This fully loaded car has Bang & Olufsen Audio, 20" forged factory wheels and only 12,403 miles. Known as the F10 chassis M5, this body style was released in 2012 as a return to V8 power. The 4.4 liter S63 V8 was the first production car to have turbos inside the engine valley. Reverse-flow cylinder heads receive their intake air on the outboard sides and the exhaust ports aim at the hood. This shoots the exhaust directly into the turbos. This eliminates turbo heat and makes servicing the intercoolers and exhaust system much easier. It also gives the M5 a throaty exhaust soundtrack.
Speaking of audio, the B&O system has 1,200 watts through 16 speakers. Two of them are subwoofers that fill bass throughout the cockpit. Tweeters rise from the dash once the car is started, and they have unique lighting accents that make them appear to float above their locations.
Looking at the road ahead, the HUD system has two modes, one for normal driving and the other is M Performance mode. It has a prominent tachometer to keep your shifting within the powerband. Speaking of the transmission, it is a 7-speed dual clutch automatic that also has multiple modes. It can be as tame as a Grandma's car, or as brutal as Formula 1 when you are feeling spicy. This car has no signs of wear inside and out, and it is located near Pittsburg. Please click the link below for all the details on this "Ultimate Driving Machine".

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