Sitting in the backseat of the car, Eason Syler, at only eight years old was on a trip to Florida to buy a car with his father. As they made their way down the road they passed a large building with the words “duPont REGISTRY” illuminated on the side. Years ago Eason would head over to his local library and catch up on what was going on in the automotive world reading our magazine each month (even if they were a few months old). Upon noticing the building he begged his dad to stop in and check the place out.

Eason and his dad met the receptionist at the front desk who began to give them a tour of the cars in the museum, he remembered seeing a Mercedes SLR McLaren, a few Porsches and Hulk Hogans Dodge Viper. After spending time looking at everything, our receptionist sent Eason on his way back to Tennessee with his hands filled with duPont REGISTRY magazines and posters. A few weeks later we received a letter in the mail thanking us for letting him stop by, which included a drawing of a car.

Fast forward 15 years, we received a job inquiry from a gentleman by the name of Eason Syler whose name sounded vaguely familiar. It turns out that the receptionist that gave him that tour was recently going through her desk and stumbled upon the letter and picture. We then realized after some research that Eason was the same aspiring reader who stopped by the office as a kid. With the help of Easons parents, we cooked up a plan to get him back down here for our latest Cars and Coffee.

This past weekend our scheme came to fruition with Eason and his family in attendance at our monthly duPont REGISTRY Cars and Coffee event. After an hour or so we asked them to meet us at the main tent where a gentleman wearing green pants, who goes by the name of Mr. duPont appeared with a gift for Eason. We gathered around while Mr. duPont presented Eason with the letter he wrote and the drawing of the car framed and signed “Happy Motoring” by Mr. duPont himself.

It’s not too often that something like this happens so we wanted to show Eason our appreciation and thank him for being a loyal reader and duPont REGISTRY fan overall!