Lamborghini Gallardo Price

In a world of outrageously expensive supercars, the Lamborghini Gallardo specs make it out to be a budget-friendly option. Since every Lamborghini Gallardo for sale is no longer in new condition, the price for pre-owned vehicles varies drastically. You'll find that these Gallardo prices typically fall in the range of $100,000 to $200,000. Factors such as the model type and year play the most significant role in determining overall retail value. The most sought-after models include the 2008 Spyder, the 2009 Lamborghini LP 550-2 Balboni. The Superleggera models are rare and tend to have a high value.

The new millennium was a perfect time to build a new Italian supercar, so the Lamborghini Gallardo specs are impressive even today. As the best-selling Lamborghini of all time, it served as a smaller & lighter alternative to their V12 flagship. The Lamborghini Gallardo is the perfect "entry-level" Lamborghini if you're in the process of buying your first exotic car.

Originally released as an entry-level model after Audi purchased the company in 2001, Lamborghini describes it as "a super sports car for day-to-day driving." Early 2000 models are available in the $100K price range, the perfect price point for a car that has other models valued in the millions. (The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster was one of the most expensive cars in the world, with pricing starting at $4.5 million in 2013.)

Lamborghini Gallardo Review

There were over 20 models available, although many of them were limited edition models or anniversary editions with limited supplies today. If you're considering a Lamborghini Gallardo in the $100K range, you'll still have many models to choose from today. These models represent the best sellers of the entire Lamborghini line, with wide ranges in horsepower, gas mileage, body style with convertible options, and four-wheel drive. 

While it could have held the reigns as the only Lamborghini for sale, the Gallardo set a precedent by offering a 10-cylinder alternative to its big brother. Because it had such a long run, it underwent a massive refresh in 2008. The engine, body panels, and all electronics were all-new for that model year so the name officially changed from Gallardo to LP560-4. The new nomenclature made it easy to display horsepower along with wheels received the power. 

Lamborghini Gallardo Specs

What you are looking at is as exotic as any car from the turn of the century. That's because the Lamborghini Gallardo specs start with an aluminum space frame. This holds the engine and suspension together along with aluminum structures for the crash structure and roof rails. From this, body panels of composite thermoplastic were formed to incredible tolerances. Not only are the body panels heat-resistant, but they also seem to offer years of amazing paint without the notions of corrosion or fade. 

Thanks to the curb weight being under 3,500 lbs, this raging bull is one scorned steer. Engaging "Thrust Mode" prepares the engine for launch. When it does, the Lamborghini Gallardo rockets to 60 mph under 4 seconds with Gallardo's top speed of 196 mph. Hard launches are perfect for the single-clutch E-gear transmission, while city driving tends to aggravate the clutch and servos. That is why you must treat your Gallardo to a few wide-open moments each month. This ensures the fluids and friction surfaces remain in optimal condition. 

Lamborghini Gallardo Specs:

Model Years: 2003-2004
Horsepower: 520 hp
Torque: 375 lb-ft
0-60 MPH: 3.9 Seconds
1/4 Mile: 12.4 @ 121 MPH
Top Speed: 196 MPH

Model Years: 2005-2013
Horsepower: 550 hp
Torque: 398 lb-ft
0-60 MPH: 3.6 Seconds
1/4 Mile: 12.0 @ 130 MPH
Top Speed: 199 MPH

Lamborghini Gallardo Engine

The first-generation model of the Lamborghini Gallardo featured a 5.0 Liter L V10 even firing engine, which packed a punch with a maximum horsepower of 500 at 7,800 rpm and 510 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm. With an acceleration speed of 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds, the upgraded 2005 Coupe edition aimed to raise the bar. Increasing the already impressive engine, the 2005 edition proved to be much easier to handle. In the second-generation Gallardo models, Audi engineered a new odd-firing 5.2 L V10 engine. This change evolved in the later models packed with 562 hp. The 0 to 60 speeds of the Gallardo range from 2.9 to 4.0 seconds depending on engine and tires.

Lamborghini Gallardo Transmission

Almost every model of the Lamborghini Gallardo specs allows for the option of a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed E-Gear automated manual transmission. While the manual transmission utilizes a gorgeous gated shifter, the E-Gear transmission allows drivers to switch gears using paddles. Likewise, if you are a supercar enthusiast experienced with the operation of manual transmissions you will want a more hands-on approach. The clutch pedal is hydraulic and very predictable, so don't try to slip it. Treat it right!

Lamborghini Gallardo Brakes

When reaching top speeds of around 200 mph, a top-of-the-line braking system becomes a necessity. Large brakes in the front and the rear are paired Brembo calipers to ensure that you can stop quickly  Tests reveal a respectable stopping distance of 109 to 150 feet (depending on the model) when braking at speeds of between 60 and 70 mph.

Without the new factor of original brakes, replacements from the aftermarket are comparable in price to normal cars. Combined with several options for pads and rotors and you have a recipe for a fun and frugal daily driver. The Lamborghini Gallardo brakes were the first in the brand to have electronic brake force distribution. This system uses 4-channel ABS along with stability control to treat each corner independently. This was done because the power and torque sent to all wheels is enough to overpower the tires in almost every situation. 

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Lamborghini Gallardo Design

Angular, compact, and exotic, the Lamborghini Gallardo specs are a show-stopping piece of machinery. With all the allure of the V12 Lamborghini models, the Gallardo is designed to be more practical for everyday use. Thanks to precise engineering, the Gallardo's weight is kept to a minimum to allow for maximum power. This is especially true of the special Superleggera model, which comes in at an astonishing 150 lbs lighter. This feat is achieved through the use of carbon-fiber components. With its availability in hard-top and topless versions, the Lamborghini Gallardo is clearly one of the most popular sports cars.

The Lamborghini Gallardo design was their first car in decades done without help from Marcello Gandini. 

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Lamborghini Gallardo Oil Change: 5 Year Old Edition

Lamborghini Gallardo Interior

The Lamborghini Gallardo stays true to the brand's opulent roots when drivers and supercar enthusiasts explore the interior. Laid out in leather, and with carbon fiber trim, the Gallardo's interior is everything you would expect. The classic low-slung seats, the flashy Lamborghini emblem and a high-tech navigation system ensure that you feel the luxury with each mile. A focus on ergonomics, allows you to maximize the amount of time you can comfortably drive this dream car.

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Lamborghini Gallardo Standout Features

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a unique model for the Italian automaker. It is equipped with standard doors instead of the scissor doors generally reserved for the brand's V12 vehicles. Likewise, it was designed with functionality and comfort in mind. Although the Lamborghini Gallardo specs are still a true exotic work of art, it is much more practical for everyday use than other Lamborghinis. The Gallardo is more comfortable for daily driving or the occasional road trip. And it does so while maintaining the mysterious and luxurious allure that is associated with used Lamborghinis for sale.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we implore you to talk to Gallardo owners. They will tell you the stereotype of the unreliable Italian is dead. Because the Lamborghini Gallardo specs were engineered and built with the full power of Audi and VW Group, it was meant to last. Most services can be done in your driveway with factory parts that are available online. We sold more of them than we can remember, and each one serves to help more Lamborghini fans become owners. Click the link below to start your adventure, and stay with us for all your Lamborghini news & reviews.