We pride ourselves on bringing you the most unlikely comparisons in exotic cars for sale. Top speed runs are all the rage these days, but outside of a race track, they are only legal on the Autobahn. So our friends at AutoTopNL found two of the fastest cars in Europe for a proper showdown. In a YouTube video uploaded on Saturday, we see a 780 horsepower Ferrari 488 GTB take on an Audi R8 tuned to 802 horsepower. In a proper use of the scientific method, the cars were tested together and also separately to showcase their abilities. Fighting for Deutschland, the home field advantage would seem to go to the R8. It packs a 5.2 liter V10 coupled to the quattro AWD system. The Italian Stallion is the latest from Maranello, with a 3.9 liter V8 coupled to twin turbos behind the cockpit.

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Both cars are modified, but the extent of the upgrades are unknown. What is clearly evident is the aerodynamic abilities at top speed. Audi and Ferrari have a very different view on differential gearing, which can make or break your acceleration on the highway. The dash cams tell a story of boost vs displacement, so tell us which car you would own and stay with us for more fast-paced footage here on Autofluence.