Corvette's third generation was supposed to be ready for launch in 1967. Engineers and stylists ran into several issues transforming the Mako Shark into a production car so they made a few changes to the body and added several engine choices. It was the third year of big block power, so Chief Engineer Zora Duntov made sure customers had 7 unique engine choices. On paper, the most powerful choice was the L71. It is a 427 big block with three 2-barrel carburetors. It was rated at 435 horsepower, but everyone knows this was for insurance reasons.
Chevrolet built over 22,000 Stingrays for 67, but only 8,504 were coupes. The convertibles sold better, but the coupes performed better in the corners. Finding a 67 coupe in original condition is almost unheard of, so that is why this example demands your attention. It is nothing short of a time-capsule, which is why it has numerous Bloomington Gold awards. Earning 100 points from the NCRS, it also received the Duntov Award for Excellence. One of the most highly-optioned 67 coupes, it also has tinted glass, side pipes, AM radio and 4.11 gears. All of these are verified on the original tank sticker along with a ton of awards. It was only repainted twice before being treated to a comprehensive restoration in 2016. Elio Martin at Corvette Performance Restoration in Litchfield, Ohio. This is the standard to which others are judged, so click the link below for more information and be sure to catch Mecum's Kissimmee Auction on YouTube and NBCSN. Stay with us for complete coverage of Mecum's 2018 season.

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