Aside from his own vast collection, Jay Leno has the opportunity to drive some of the rarest cars ever built. In a YouTube video uploaded this morning, we are treated to a snapshot of Italian racing history. In 1961, Ferrari's racing team found themselves at odds with their leader. A petition was signed and sent to Enzo. His response was to fire everyone who signed it.

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The fallout of the "Palace Revolt" allowed the industry's most capable drivers and engineers to make names for themselves. Giotto Bizzarrini was a racing genius. Not only did he design Lamborghini's first V12, he heavily influenced the Iso Rivolta and the Grifo. His own masterpiece was the 5300 GT, which topped 190 mph on a consistent basis. Not only was he a pioneer in aerodynamics, he chose an engine that was proven on the world's toughest tracks. The 5300 GT along with both ISO models are powered by Chevrolet. Using a solid lifter version of the 327 small block, the mechanical fuel injection allowed it to make 400 horsepower. Unfortunately, his company lacked the cash to homologate the car, so it was forced to run as a prototype instead of the GT class. Nevertheless, his cars were feared on the track and street which makes them bring big numbers on the auction block. Stay with us for more timeless classics and uploads from Jay Leno's Garage.

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