Meet your new favorite accessory—the ZCLIP.  The ZCLIP company makes a range of money clips in a variety of styles and finishes, and they are completely customizable. Each ZCLIP provides an excellent touch for your own style or a perfect business gift.
At the core, this company remains committed to the sleek simplification of your everyday life. With minimalism becoming standard, the ZCLIP’s single piece construction clip (no hinges or magnets) and completely flat style allow it to be a discrete front or back pocket wallet system. The included credit card holder allows you to carry your essentials together in one place and still be stylish without sacrificing functionality. The simplest solution is usually the best solution and the ZCLIP is the simple solution to the bulky wallet. By carrying all of your essentials in one sophisticated and modern piece, you eliminate the bulk and hassle of traditional money clips or wallets while adding style wherever you take it.
Coming in carbon fiber (to match your high-performance car) or carbon steel, you will appreciate the durability that the ZCLIP has to offer. The extra width of the Le Mans and Sonoma style make it a distinct statement piece, while the narrow Sebring or Talladega offers a unique take on the traditional money clip. For men or for women, for your pocket or your purse, the ZCLIP has modernized the common wallet.
Use code duPont for 15% off your order.  For bulk or custom orders, please call or email ZCLIP at 877-75-ZCLIP or

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