Turbochargers are finding their way into everything. The industry is motivated by emissions laws and fuel mileage to build smaller engines with forced induction. Ferrari did away with their 4.5 liter V8 in favor of a 3.8 liter with two turbos. You can't deny the abilities of the 488 GTB and its Spyder, but some of us like to make power the old-fashioned way. That is why the Ferrari 458 demands your attention,

10. End Of The Line

It stands as a grand finale to a trio that began with the 360 Modena. The middle child was the F430 series, and lessons learned on both of them were used to build the 458 and its derivatives. The best analogy is the other perfect Italian trio, the Dollars Trilogy from Sergio Leone. All three cars share an aluminum chassis from ALCOA, and the first two even share many body panels.

9. Stop It!

Nobody likes a spongy brake pedal, so the 458 was one of the first production cars to have pre-fill brake calipers. Electronics in the ABS system are used to hold the pads only a few millimeters away from the rotor. All cars should have this feature because the 458 has the most responsive left pedal you have ever encountered. It inspires confidence in the car while cutting stress in thick traffic.

Ferrari 458 Challenge: Not Civilized

8. Rev It!

A few inches behind the seats is a 4.5 liter V8. Physically and dimensionally it is not a large engine. Size isn't everything because this finely tuned machine can spin to 9,000 rpm. Drop down a few gears and it wails like a Formula1 car, because the engine was designed using lessons learned on the track. [soliloquy id="112940"]

7. Value

Now that the 488 GTB is gaining popularity, it is making the 458 much more affordable. Prices have dropped to their current levels, but the market has stabilized as our dealers have great offers on certified pre-owned and low-mileage cars. Don't expect them to depreciate any further because of the reasons below.

6. Rear Engine

For many 458 owners, it is the first time they have experienced a rear-engined car. It is a truly eye-opening experience. A feeling of unlimited grip will make you order expensive tires and a dash cam to record your daily commute. Understeer can be corrected with the skinny pedal, as long as your passenger remains composed. [soliloquy id="102788"]

5. Maintenance

Unlike the F430 and the 360 Modena, the 458 Italia has a timing chain. Timing belts on the previous models are expensive and necessary at least once a year. The 458 Italia has proven to only need oil changes and a yearly brake flush to stay in working order. The flush is needed on cars driven lightly, because the fluid never gets hot enough to boil away condensation. So Ferrari recommends exercising your rotors on a regular basis. Bring your radar detector along!

4. Shift Happens

Ever seen a clutch replacement bill for an F430? If you must choose between your child's college tuition or a transmission service, and older Ferrari is not for you. The 458 was the first Ferrari to feature Getrag's dual-clutch gearbox. It is light-years beyond the F1 single disc box, and it can be as smooth or as brutal as you need. [soliloquy id="111852"]

3. Make It Your Own

If the 458 ever becomes boring to you, the aftermarket has embraced it with a host of upgrade parts. A new computer will unlock more aggressive engine tuning. The stock exhaust is quite by today's standards, so a pair of headers will antagonize the homeowners association. Our friends at Underground Racing will allow you to drive a twin-turbo flamethrower to work, so give them something to talk about.

2. Choose Your Flavor

To make your choice all the much harder, Ferrari built the 458 in several configurations. The 458 Italia is a coupe. Spider is a hardtop convertible. A 458 Speciale is literally a special version with optimized aerodynamics, more power, and less weight. The most desirable is the Speciale A, an "aperta" or convertible version of the Speciale. The racing versions include the 458 Challenge along with GT2 and GT3 models, but they're outside the realm of a daily driver. The only other noteworthy street version is the 458 SP12 EC ordered by Eric Clapton. It looks stunning at the Crossroads! [soliloquy id="103693"]

1. Track Day Every day

The Ferrari 458 looks like nothing else on the street or on the track. It is just as imposing at the supermarket as it is leaving pit lane. If you want to embarrass everyone at your local track, the 458 is for you. Take a glance at the GT3 points standings and then look what they are driving, the 458 was born to win. Our dealers are ready to help you find your next Ferrari, so click the link below and tell us which one is right for you!

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