Nevada is the perfect place for legal attempts at top speed. Races like the Silver State Classic are allowed to run flat out across the desert.  Highway 160 runs straight from Las Vegas into Death Valley, with a slight downhill grade heading to the lowest spot in the nation. Always up for a challenge, Christian von Koenigsegg and company decided to attempt the top speed record for a production car.

All Records Broken by the Koenigsegg Agera RS

He tapped Touring Car master Niklas Lilja to pilot an Agera RS. An average speed of two runs is used to calculate the true top speed, and last month they released a dashcam video of the fastest run. We've been waiting for cockpit footage, and it was finally uploaded to YouTube this morning. We can see the car has been outfitted with VBox telemetry including a data logger and several cameras. To keep the driver safe, a 5-point harness is integrated into a roll cage. You might think the differential gears were swapped for a lower ratio, but the engine simply makes enough power to not care what gears are behind it. Turn up the volume to listen to a Swedish Symphony, and stay with us for all your Koenigsegg updates.

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