Some people can't stand to be noticed. Sure there is something to be said for flying under the radar, but if you don't enjoy the limelight you should probably stop reading now. Mr. Sinatra said it best: "Buy a Ferrari if you want to be somebody. If you are somebody, buy a Lamborghini". His Miura would be worth a fortune today, and partly because Lamborghini doesn't build boring cars. We've had ample seat time in various flavors of the Huracan, so here are the top 10 reasons why it should be your daily driver.

10: Sales Speak For Themselves

After only three years in production, the Huracan is approaching 10,000 examples. The factory is turning them out day and night, a situation that is unprecedented. Mr. Lamborghini would be 100 years old, and happy to see so many satisfied customers.

9. Five Flavors

Another first for the brand was launching the Huracan in four styles. Buyers could initially choose from coupe or convertible, in RWD or AWD configurations. The wild Performante is the 5th version, they are five fingers of a fist, clinched & ready to knock out any competitor. [soliloquy id="115332"]

8. Police Edition

Running from the fuzz is never a good idea. Here in the US, cops are allowed to drive AWD Dodge Chargers packed with the SRT8 Hemi. Civilians can't buy them new or used, another nearsighted move by Fiat-Chrysler. Their rival in St. Agata builds cars for everyone, but they gave the Italian State Police some nice equipment. In addition to lights and a gun rack, the front compartment is equipped with a small fridge. This is used for high-speed transport of organs heading to transplant. Why can't our cops do this?

7.Forged Composite

While other supercars must make due with carbon fiber, the Huracan has pioneered the use of forged composites. The wonder material began as a partnership between Lamborghini and Callaway Golf. After building a lab in Seattle, Boeing came into the mix, using it for the wings and fuselage of the 787 Dreamliner. It is strong, light & unique. The patented material is used in several critical areas of the Huracan and Aventador, and it won't be found on any other car. [soliloquy id="114112"]

6. Strength

As the Gallardo evolved, they decided to start work on a predecessor with one goal above all others. Every part of the frame and body were rendered in virtual reality to build a stronger car. Something as insignificant as the motor mount has been tuned to the frequencies of the chassis, all in the name of grip. The Huracan is 50% stronger, a testament to late nights and countless simulations. It allows the suspension to be much more relaxed, and that is a major reason why it is so comfortable on broken roads.

5. Processing Power

All modern cars operate with interconnected systems, with communicate over a network. Tesla uses a TCP/IP like the internet, but Lamborghini chose the Flex Ray protocol to keep hackers away. The Huracan exists as a collection of computers exchanging data at 10 Megabits per second. Fast is an understatement.

4. Corporate Cousins

It might come as a shock to see the similarities between the Huracan and the Audi R8, and they are not coincidental. Both cars share the same aluminum space frame that is welded by master coachbuilders. From there, the chassis is shipped to Italy to become the Huracan. This collaboration between engineers on both sides of the Alps has allowed both cars to be incredibly successful.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante vs McLaren 720S

3. Visibility

What good are windows if you can't see out of them? Everyone expects the Huracan to be claustrophobic until the door is closed. Contrary to what you have heard, the Huracan is easy to see out of, even with the monster V10 behind you. The engine is mounted lower than the Gallardo in order to keep the center of gravity close to the ground. The vertical rear glass eliminates glare, and it makes the cockpit feel much larger than it is. The beltline is also lower than before, which makes it a breeze to drive. [soliloquy id="108508"]

2. Close Shave

Scraping your car on the ground is embarrassing, and it damages the fragile aerodynamic parts underneath. If you don't enjoy replacing expensive panels, the Huracan offers 6.8" of ground clearance from the hydraulic lift system. The system is optional, but it is a must-have unless you live at the track. It allows the car to ride 2" higher than a Corvette, and drop down for the ultimate grip at the push of a button.

1.  Everyday Is Race Day

If you are up to a challenge, it doesn't take much time or effort to race-prep your Huracan. The car is so potent in stock form, that all you probably need is a set of 18" wheels from the Huracan GT3 and some sticky rubber. The car is so well composed in any situation, you want to drive it fast. Thanks to magnetic suspension and the incredibly stiff frame, each driving mode has its own personality.

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