Turbocharged Porsches were first created so that the automaker could create a street-legal race car that could compete in certain FIA groups. The result was the Porsche 930, also known as the original 911 Turbo. This new sports car was first powered by a 3.0-liter flat-six engine that utilized the same turbo technology used on the 917/30 CAN-AM race car. This engine was used up until 1978 when Porsche switched over to a 3.3-liter engine and truly perfected the model. It was around this time that Porsche was toying with the idea of having the 928 replace the 911 as their top model, but that sentiment quickly changed when the chairman of the company, Ernst Fuhrmann, resigned. Porsche immediately started pumping back money into the development of the 930 and ended up with the fastest version of the car in 1984. This model year 930 could run 0-60 mph in just 4.6 seconds and hit a top speed of 172.7 mph. The 930/911 Turbo would continue to be a fantastic car up until it was discontinued in 1989 when the 964's started to come around.

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To this day, the 911 Turbo (930) is still regarded as one of the most iconic Porsches ever created-- its whale-tail rear wing is something that could be spotted by any Porsche fan from across a car show. Because of this, the value of the model has risen exponentially over the years.
In the December 1995 issue of the duPont REGISTRY was a 1987 Porsche 930 with 17,000 miles clocked on its odometer. It came with a black on black styling and in what the seller noted as "pristine condition." From the pictures, it definitely does look pristine. The asking price? $36,900. In today's economy, that amount would equate to about $60,000, which is well under the MSRP of a new 2017 911 Turbo ($191,800).
On our website, duPontREGISTRY.com, we currently have a few 930's for sale, all which are well above the original price and original price that has been adjusted for current inflation. First up is an example from Music City Motor Cars with 35,479 miles that's going for $110,000. It's finished in Guards Red with a black and tan interior.

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Next is a private seller's 930 with only 17,251 original miles, factory Fuchs wheels, original tool kit, sunroof and much more. It's asking price is set at $149,999.

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As you can see the price for the 1987 911 Turbo (930) has increased dramatically over the years, but that's expected from something as noteworthy as itself. Be sure to check in next week for another "Then and Now" feature!

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