You asked us, so here are the top 10 reasons why the Porsche 918 Spyder deserves your attention.

10. Availability:

Unlike its predecessor (the Carrera GT) Porsche collectors understand the rarity of the car. Only 918 examples were built, so their low numbers have prompted owners to keep them in good condition.

9. Comfortable:

Believe it or not, the 918 is relaxing. The interior has great attention to detail, and every surface is contoured to put you at ease. If you could enter a hammock in an endurance race, this would be it.

8. E-Power:

Just like we mentioned above, driving the 918 in purely electric mode is relaxing and satisfying. If your daily commute is under 50 miles, you might not need the gas engine at all. Unlike many other electric cars, Porsche offers a DC charging station that will recharge the system in only 25 minutes.

7. State Of The Art:

Porsche spent years developing the car so it will reign supreme for years to come. Porsche only builds a supercar every decade or so, which keeps their brand from being diluted. You won't have to fear a Porsche 919 making your car obsolete.

6. Great Investment:

If you can afford to keep one in pristine condition, you will have a nice return on investment when it comes time to part ways. Depreciation is not a problem you will have to deal with.

5. Reliability:

Porsche engineers stood back and watched several high-profile supercars suffer from embarrassing quality issues. You can't enjoy your car if it's always in the shop, and that is why the 918 has proven to be a dependable investment. We have not heard of any quirks or issues, so the 918 will put your mind at ease.

4. All Wheel Drive:

Most supercars are rear-wheel drive. Most hybrids are front-wheel drive. Porsche chose the more difficult path of All Wheel Drive, in an all-new format. The front wheels are powered by the battery, which is charged by a motor generator on the rear. So all four wheels can provide electrical braking or power, making for the ultimate in torque vectoring and unmatched grip.

3. Spyder:

The name is not insignificant. Even with 887 horsepower and 940 lb-ft of torque, the roof is removable for the ultimate in open air cruising. The targa roof panels are easily stored up front, and it makes for a gorgeous silhouette.

2. Race Proven:

Every component of the 918 Hybrid was proven on the world's toughest tracks. The V8 engine was a star of their LMP program, and the hybrid parts are derived from the 919 race car. Our fans ask us why something as insignificant as the optional cupholder is so expensive, and it's because it has been tested to destruction by engineers and drivers.

1. Weissach Package:

Named for the location of Porsche's Skunk Works, A Weissach 918 embodies everything Ferdinand Porsche fought for. Easily identified by the visible carbon fiber, the package trades leather for Alcantara, and many of the bolts are titanium instead of steel. It adds up to a weight savings of 77 lbs, making it the ultimate version of the 918.

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Porsche 918 Spyder




Porsche 918 Spyder


Porsche 918 Spyder