You've been good all year, so it's time to reward yourself. Using the world's best website ( to find your ideal exotic car, how are you going to pay for it? By far, that question is what we hear at events and on social media. The process of buying a car shouldn't scare you away, it just needs to be clarified. That's why we asked our friend Ed Bolian to break down the misconceptions so that you and your lender can rest easy at night. If you haven't heard of him, Mr. Bolian has been in exotic car sales for over a decade. He is also a record holder in the Cannonball Run, having driven from NYC to Redondo Beach, CA in only 28:50. Simple math will yield an average speed approaching triple digits, so simple math can also be used to help you choose financing that fits your budget.

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His VINwiki page is a YouTube mecca for everything automotive, so be warned you are in for a binge session. Not only does he interview celebrities and automotive icons, VINwiki is a tool to that uses crowd-sourced information to document a car's history. Although it makes sense when you think about the big picture, his first piece of information is that 0% financing is a trick. Dealers will make their money on the back end thanks to incentives from the manufacturer. If leasing is more attractive, making all your payments up front will allow you to drive a car of your dreams. A money factor is a fancy word for interest rate, and don't forget to negotiate on the residual up front. A credit score isn't everything, and it might be possible to meet the bank's requirements in other ways. Depreciation must be considered on new cars, and expensive maintenance is an issue for older models. Woodside Credit has been a fixture in our magazine for over a decade, and that's because they understand people like us are dedicated to our cars. If you have other financial obligations, there is no reason why you can't enjoy a nice car. A big thanks to Mr. Bolian for cutting through the confusion, so be sure to subscribe for great interviews and automotive insights. Stay with us for more VINwiki uploads. &