The phrase "built not bought" has been known to provoke unlikely comparisons when it comes to fast cars. Some enthusiasts prefer to purchase a car with amazing performance right off the showroom floor. Others will choose a more conservative ride and turn their attention to the aftermarket for more power. There is no wrong decision here, and that is what makes this hobby so enjoyable. When two cars are rated at the same horsepower, it might seem irrelevant to race them. But numbers on paper are meaningless when it comes to real-world situations. That's why DragTimes chooses a remote location in Mexico to film their comparisons. The new McLaren 720S is advertised to make 710 horsepower at the engine, with 568 lb-ft of torque. Power of this magnitude is completely respectable, however many owners have reported dyno numbers much higher than the factory rating.

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So that is why a 720S is a perfect competitor for a modified Nissan GT-R. The opponent is rated at 720 horsepower, measured at the wheels instead of the crankshaft. But the Nissan sends power to all wheels, while McLaren is strictly a rear tire fryer. Cars from opposite sides of the earth are also vastly different in construction. Nissan uses a traditional steel chassis, while McLaren is a carbon fiber Monocage. Japan likes twin turbo V6 power, with a healthy dose of E85 moonshine and more boost. England prefers a twin-turbo V8, ironically based on an abandoned Nissan racing engine that was purchased by McLaren. With variables like traction, weight, and horsepower, tell us who should be victorious. As always, keep racing on the track and off the streets, and stay with us for all your DragTimes updates.

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