Ferrari 812 Superfast Review

The release of this car fits perfectly in Ferrari’s timeline because 70 years ago to the year that the 812 Superfast was released, the iconic automaker released the 125 S. This iconic automobile was a V12 automobile that would start the Prancing Horse’s history. Ferrari has once again created another beautiful V12-powered vehicle that takes our breath away in more ways than one. With beauty, grace, and an enormous amount of power, the 812 Superfast delivers on so many fronts. This rear-wheeled drive, front-engine grand tourer is a successor to the F12berlinetta and succeeds in taking the formula to the next level.

If the name “Superfast” sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because of the 500 Superfast, which was produced from 1964-66. These models were supposed to don the name “Superamerica,” a name we’re quite familiar with but was changed to Superfast before all was said and done. Ferrari has once again brought the Superfast name back to life with the 812 Superfast and it's most definitely worthy of the historic name.

Let's take a look at how 70 years changed the 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast specs. This review will cover the technical highlights and the design of Ferrari's Flagship.

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Ferrari 812 Superfast Engine

Underneath the hood is where the Ferrari 812 Superfast specs come to life with a massive 6.5-liter V12 engine that’s capable of 789 hp and 529 lb-ft of torque. With these specs, this new Italian becomes the most powerful car featuring a V12 that Ferrari has ever created. Ferrari notes that this was made possible in part “by adopting a 350-bar (5,000 psi) direct injection system for the very first time on a high-performance engine, and pairing it with variable geometry intake tracts conceptually derived from those of naturally-aspirated F1 engines.” Mated to this engine is a dual-clutch transmission. With 80 percent of its power available at just 3.500 rpm, you don't need to wind it up to have fun. The Ferrari 812 Superfast engine can rocket you from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Italians use metric standards for testing their engines, so the 812 Superfast has 819 horsepower.

What’s more, the Ferrari 812 superfast top speed is 211 mph. This is “the most powerful and fastest Ferrari in the marque’s history.” Of course, this notion does not include the LaFerrari. For handling, the Ferrari 812 Superfast specs include 4-wheel Electronic Power Steering (EPS) for the first time. With the addition of EPS, the 812 Superfast can use its V12 to its fullest potential when being pushed hard around a track.

Also aiding in the car’s handling is the latest version of the automaker’s Side Slip Control and, for the first time, the Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0 system to control rear steering. As a true successor to the F12berlinetta, the Ferrari 812 Superfast specs exceed expectations in just about every department.


Price: $335,275
Engine: 6.5-liter V12
Horsepower: 789
Torque: 529 lb-ft
0-60: 2.8 seconds
Top Speed: 211+ mph
Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch

Ferrari 812 Superfast MSRP

The Ferrari 812 Superfast price is set at $315,000. This is assuming you want cloth seats and no options whatsoever. So far, the most popular upgrades we've seen are the optional seats from the LaFerrari, Ferrari's Telemetry Package, and of course, leather. All these upgrades and options may increase the Ferrari 812 price, but they are absolutely worth every bit. Carbon fiber exterior accents and custom colors from the Tailor Made department. The 812 Superfast cost is more attractive than many other flagships from the competition.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Interior

Everything inside the 812 Superfast specs far exceeds those of its predecessors. One of the best aspects of the interior is the controls for the handling and stability systems are easier to manipulate.  Beyond race is a notch that turns off every system. Controls for the climate and audio are much cleaner, and the optional passenger display showcases data from multiple sensors. The center console remains tall to allow the torque tube to send power to the rear-mounted transmission. Heat and sound insulation are much improved because the new engine generates much more flow than its predecessors. Voice control has been upgraded to distinguish your commands over the screaming V12, we wish more cars were this easy to use.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Design

Critics were quick to call the 812 a fancy refresh of its predecessor, but this is not the case. They both share the same general shape because Ferrari says this is the most efficient way to offer a front-mounted V12 with 2 seats and rear-wheel drive. Drag was reduced by adding vents next to the headlights. These work to force air under the body and also along the rocker panels to keep you glued to the ground. Active aerodynamics in the rear diffuser is controlled by the stability system. You won't find a Pininfarina badge anywhere because the Ferrari 812 Superfast specs came from Centro Stile, Ferrari's corporate headquarters. The taillights are a modern interpretation of the 365 GTB/4, a design that is timeless for Ferrari's faithful. Having so much downforce, the suspension is under immense pressure to lower down and camber in. But each shock has twin magnetic coils to make allow it to keep proper geometry under pressure.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Standout Features

One of the best Ferrari 812 Superfast specs is the ample cargo room. Even if you don't opt for the matched luggage, you have more than enough space for a weekend or food run. Another great feature is careful attention to weight distribution. The big V12 is mounted behind the front wheels to push 53% of the weight to the rear wheels. The Pirelli tires are 275mm wide up front and 315 on the rear. This allows for perfect rotation through the corners. It is also Ferrari's 2nd car to have standard rear-wheel steering. It is known as Virtual Wheelbase 2.0, and it operates with or against the front wheels depending on speed and driving mode.

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