The year is now 2017 and Ford has a total of three different generations of the GT supercar under their belt. First was the GT40 (1964-1969), then came the first generation Ford GT not using the "GT40 moniker" (2004-2006) and now we have the second generation GT (planned production of 2016-2020). For the second generation, there was a massive gap between the race car of the 1960's and its reveal in 2002. Then, it took only nine years of no Ford GT production for the third generation to be introduced.
Ford GT Price, Specs, Photos 2004-2005
For the second generation, the idea of Ford bringing back their legendary race car was huge. Up until then, Ford really hadn't created anything special like a supercar for quite some time. Sure, the GT90 of the 1990's was popular, but it was just a pipe dream. When the GT actually hit production, the automotive world was ready.
In the November 2007 issue of the duPont REGISTRY, I came across a listing for a 2006 Ford GT with only 300 miles. It was finished in white with two blue racing stripes running down its center. The price? Only $199,000.
Now, a decade later, it would be impossible to find a 2006 Ford GT with that low of miles for under $200k. For example, we currently have (at time of publishing this article) a 2006 GT with 547 miles in red/white for sale at $369,999. Both examples also include all four options that Ford offered. 2006 Ford GT | 1684399 | Photo 1 Full Size

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Another example is a white/blue 2006 Ford GT, the same color combo as the one from our magazine, but with 9,702 miles. This one is selling for $299,050.

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As you can see, the value of the 2006 Ford GT has clearly gone up over the years. Will it continue to go up from here? Odds are, yes. It's a rare American collectible and collectors will surely be wanting to have all generations of the GT as we go further along in the production of the third generation.

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