King Saladeen has made himself well known in the art world by combining different mediums and techniques to challenge what the concept of art truly is.
The inspiration for his art came from the life and death of his best friend J.P., who pushed him and his artistic abilities. Evolving over the years, his art has resulted in a collection of exotic cars that don his artistic abilities. This collection includes:
  • 2014 May - Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB for the Goldrush Rally
  • 2014 December - Lamborghini Huracan painted for the CEO of Lamborghini (Art Basel)
  • 2015 July - Commissioned Ferrari 458 for the PC BLAST
  • 2015 December - Commissioned Bugatti Veryon Pur Blanc (Art Basel)
  • 2016 May - Commissioned Lamborghini Aventador Goldrush Rally
  • 2016 September - Commissioned Lamborghini Gallardo hood
  • 2016 December - commissioned Lamborghini Aventador (Art Basel)
  • 2017 May-  Lamborghini Aventador
  • 2017 August - Ferrari F12
From Ferraris to the famous Bugatti Veyron Pur Blanc, King Saladeen has hand-painted a wide variety of cars, some of which are insanely rare in the world. For his future, King Saladeen is looking to make waves at SCOPE in Miami Art Basel this December. He also is aiming to hand-paint the top five hypercars and have them featured on the front of the duPont REGISTRY.

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Be sure to check out his website and enjoy the recent Ferrari F12 he painted, featured in this article. [soliloquy slug="artist-paints-millions-dollars-supercars"]