It is hard to believe the 997 Series 911 has been with us since 2004. Spawning a wild number of variants and special editions, none of them come close to the GT2 RS in terms of performance or rarity. Back in 2007, everyone thought the 997 GT2 would never be overshadowed. It was a 523 horsepower beast that allowed Walter Rohrl to lap the 'Ring in 7:32. All was right with the world until Nissan's GT-R smashed the record with a time of 7:27. Engineers at the Weissach test track set out to regain the title for Deutschland.
Internally, it was known as Project 727, a reference to beating Nissan's lap time. All non-essential weight was removed, shaving 154 lbs and gaining a wild aero package. The GT2 RS is a brutal machine that beat the GT-R by 9 seconds. Only 131 cars were built for the US, and 10 for Canada. The reason for the low production was not lacking interest, its that the GT2 RS will scare you.
Normally you drive a turbo car waiting for boost. All it takes is a gradual roll-on with the throttle to awaken the Kraken, but you won't do it again. Short shifting and double clutching are the keys to staying safe. If you do choose to go, make sure the nose is pointed where you want to be. You will have 612 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels only. The Widowmaker earns its reputation time after time.
As a major part of the Gatsby Collection, this example has been lovingly cared for. With only 7,500 miles, it is a piece of Porsche history that will never happen again. The factory won't build another six-speed manual with a single plate clutch. Modern crash standards won't allow the 911 to approach 3,020 lbs like this car. It has no insulation and solid motor mounts.
You hear and feel everything, as it should be. If you carry brass knuckles to a birthday party, this car is for you. If you feel a grenade launcher is appropriate for a knife fight, or if you like scaring your passenger, this uncompromising machine will be a primetime feature of Mecum's Monterey Auction. Hopefully, our Publisher will bring it back with him so we can enjoy the wildest 911 ever built.

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