For some reason, most likely due to my love for the car, I had a dream about owning a Ferrari F40 last night (I'm not bamboozling you all). In the dream, the F40 I owned wasn't the greatest looking one, in fact it was pretty torn up. But it didn't matter, because I owned what I think is the coolest Ferrari ever made.

Ferrari F40 GT Drifting Around Farm

Lo-and-behold, I wake up this morning to drive what isn't my Ferrari F40, but at least NM2255 posted a video to help me cope. The star of the video is an extreme F40 LM letting loose at Goodwood. In the video's description, it notes that the "sound it makes is music to the ears!" I couldn't agree more. Now, if only I had the money, I'd pick up one of the many Ferrari F40s we have for sale.