If you create something revolutionary, often times demand will far exceed your supply. We got behind the wheel of a prototype Vanderhall a few years ago, and we knew it would be a hit. The peppy 3 wheel roadsters combines powerful & proven GM power with a chassis that has shocked the world. It is a turbocharged front-wheel drive 2-seater with incredible grip.
Their first model was the Laguna. It has doors and a removable top along with air conditioning, stability control, and heated seats. The Venice was next on the scene, sans doors & roof. A six-speed automatic may be semi-manually controlled by an optional left-hand sequential bump shifter for aggressive driving, and it provides a nice overdrive for highway cruising. The real secret sauce is in the inboard front suspension. By laying the springs over and using bellcranks, un-sprung weight is incredibly low. This is how both models offer a ride softer than any other competitor.
All of these features have culminated in all 2018 Laguna models being sold-out, and the Venice models being in short supply. Responding to the hungry dealers, Vanderhall Motor Works has broken ground on a new 1,000,000 Sq. Ft. facility. With room for 900 employees, The Vanderhall Building will be able to produce over 25,000 roadsters a year. The patented chassis requires the latest in CNC and welding technology along with final assembly by hand. "When I started Vanderhall--when we finished the first Laguna I knew we had something special.  And now with the Venice, demand is significantly greater than our production. We need more room."  [soliloquy id="122645"] The press release also mentions the expansion of the lineup with two new models coming in 2018. One of them will be an electric version that is sure to shock the industry. “Creation is something I am passionate about. This new facility will give Vanderhall the room to expand and create for many years to come”. said Steve Hall president and chief operating officer. Three cheers for Steve Hall and his team for allowing us to be along for the ride. Click on the link below to find your closest dealer and stay with us for all Vanderhall news. 

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