Quality over quantity is why Pagani only builds a few examples of each model. The Huayra had an initial run of only 100 examples, so the chance of seeing more than one at a show is next to none. What began as a small gathering of enthusiasts has grown into one of the biggest events in the Northeast, and if you weren't in Connecticut last weekend you missed a great show. Cars & Coffee Greenwich is drawing spectators and attendees from Newark to New Hampshire and everywhere in between.

Greenwich Cars & Coffee Recap

In order to keep the show from causing a downtown traffic jam, the organizers set up a VIP area for the most exclusive rides. A car spotter who goes by DoctaM3 was at the VIP entrance to capture them in action. Rolling in first was a Noble M400 followed by a right-hand drive Nissan Skyline. A McLaren 720S with doors riding high was overshadowed by a P1. Not to be outdone by a McLaren Hypercar, its arch-rival the LaFerrari looked brilliant in the morning sun. The stars of the show were five pristine Paganis, which caught everyone by surprise. Of all the cars, my choice would be the Ferrari Daytona Spyder because I love carburetors. Tell us your favorite car in the lineup and stay with us for updates on our massive September Cars & Coffee. Davis Islands, Tampa, Florida on September 16th- Come see us and hang out with the coolest cars in the world.