The Sports Series from McLaren is aimed at a different audience than their Super Series cars. The 570S and 570GT are not as powerful as the 650S or 657LT, but who would pass up the opportunity to drive a carbon fiber super car? The 570S has 562 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque, along with the same advanced construction and aerodynamics found on their other cars. The 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 is detuned in order to not compete with the Super Series cars, which means it won't reach top speed as soon as its bigger brothers. We're talking fractions of a second here, so many have been wonder how it handles a wide open run on the world's fastest highway.

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Our friends at AutoTopNL have a knack for filming the fastest cars on earth on the Autobahn, so get ready for a wild ride.  McLaren's launch control system works like brake-boosting at the drag strip. Once activated, the computer kills spark to half the cylinders. This holds rpm constant while the turbos spool up. When the brakes are released, all 8 cylinders are engaged at full boost. Hold on, as the driver is pushing this car to its limit. Detuning an engine puts less stress on the internals, and the car handles 7,000 rpm like a walk in the park. The speedometer on the camera can't keep up with acceleration like this. Tell which McLaren Series you would buy, and why in the comments below. Stay with us for more top speed cruising here on Autofluence.