If you are looking for a responsible way to have fun this weekend, we recommend getting brickfaced. LEGO and supercars are a perfect fit for each other. As part of the Speed Champions series, the McLaren 720S joins the Porsche 911 GT3, Ford GT, and the Ferrari FXX K as scale models, but McLaren decided to build a 1:1 example for this year's Goodwood Festival. In a time-lapse video uploaded this morning, over 2,000 man-hours are compressed into 59 seconds of assembly. Last weekend I had an opportunity to visit Art of the Brick, an exhibition of LEGO art by Nathan Sawaya. His creations are solid constructions, which makes them quite heavy. McLaren has a keen ability to keep their cars on the lighter side, so a steel frame was used as the base of the build. A set of brake rotors was welded on at the corners to support the wheels and tires, the only parts it shares with the production 720S. The team built a majority of the car before the event, but the finishing touches were left for volunteers. With proceeds going to Goodwood's Charity, helpers were allowed to use 13,000 bricks to complete the roof. In total, the LEGO 720S used 280,000 bricks and it makes for a great advertisement. If you are looking for the real thing, check out these McLarens for sale and stay with us for all your automotive LEGO news.