A weight advantage can make or break your chances of winning. In a straight line, nothing else matters but all-out power. It was drag racing that made big block V8 engines popular. When it comes to road racing, a big block can be a big headache. That is how the small block powered Shelby Cobras were able to dominate on the track.
Much like the Corvette Stingray, the Shelby Cobra was not originally designed to handle 650 lbs of V8 on the front end. The 427 powered examples are fun, but it takes a very experienced driver to control them in the corners. That is why the 289 Cobras have seen a resurgence in popularity. Only a few years ago they weren't considered as collectible as their big-block brethren, but since Mr. Shelby's untimely departure the original examples are bringing massive returns on the auction block. That is why Mecum is offering CSX2549 at their Las Vegas event.
One of the rarest examples, it was built with a C4 automatic transmission. Carroll Shelby's personal cars and only a handfull of others were built as automatics. This car was used as a display for Shelby's Hi-Performance Motors, his dealership in El Segundo, California. A fully documented history shows it was most recently owned by Cobra collector Jerry Heasley, who commissioned Wayne Davis to return it to showroom condition. From seat covers to the wire wheels, most of this car is factory original. The high-revving 289 and the indestructible C4 are a recipe for fun and comfort in this classic Cobra. Click the link below to learn more.

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