Taking your supercar on a road trip could be a recipe for disaster if you don't have enough cargo space. That's why McLaren added an opening rear hatch to the 570S to build the 570GT. In all honesty, I wouldn't want to place anything heavy on the rear package tray. Not because the carbon-fiber wouldn't support it, but who would dare defile such fine English leather? To see how much it can handle, Mike Tornabene and his friend Zac borrowed two new examples from McLaren Beverly Hills and packed for a weekend in the desert.

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Lone Pine, California is a sleepy town on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is famous for being in close proximity to the highest and lowest elevations in the lower 48. Mount Whitney tops out at 14,505 feet and it will be just above freezing tonight. Badwater basin is 131 miles east, at 278 feet below sea level. The drive from bottom to top is known as L2H and it will take your breath away, literally due to the change in altitude. Tourists and hikers come here year-round to take in the scenery, and many auto manufacturers use it when testing prototypes. The 570GT is capable of 26 miles per gallon on flat land and probably at sea level. It has 562 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque, which might seem like overkill in the sand of the Mojave Desert. Watch the hijinx in the video below and let us know your ideal choice for a weekend off the grid. If you need the perfect camping accessory, we have many examples of the 570GT for sale. Stay with us for more McLaren reviews. &feature=youtu.be