Heat is the enemy when it comes to drag racing. Here in Florida, you are lucky to get three or four passes before your car starts losing power. If you haven't been following DragTimes, their McLaren 720S ran 10.1 back in the middle of summer. Realizing the potential for an unprecedented event. they invited a Lamborghini Huracan Performante to meet them at Palm Beach Raceway.

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Resisting the urge to head straight for the staging lanes, the car was allowed to cool before the competition began. Breaking the 9 second barrier is incredibly hard, even for veteran racers. After airing down the tires, the new McLaren  720S ran a 9.98 @ 141 mph. Even though the Lamborghini is All Wheel Drive, it was plagued by traction issues. Spinning all four tires, the best it could do was 10.7. Other highlights of the event included a Tesla Model X P90D setting the world record for SUVs with an E.T. of 11.30. Tell us what the Performante could do with drag slicks, and which one you would buy in the comments below.

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